Floyd Rose

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The Floyd Rose Stainless Steel hardware upgrade kit gives you premium components to revamp your Floyd Rose tremolo system. You'll get durable stainless steel screws, blocks and springs designed to withstand heavy use and corrosion. The kit provides you with string lock screws, saddle mounting screws, nut clamping screws and block mounting screws so you can replace any worn parts. It also includes seven string lock insert blocks and two sets of noiseless springs in different tensions so you can customize the feel of your tremolo system. Made in the USA, this upgrade kit is built for serious musicians who want to keep their Floyd Rose bridge performing like new.

Floyd Rose Stainless Steel Hardware Upgrade Kit Burnt Chrome

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  • Stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Noiseless springs in standard and heavy-duty strength
  • String lock screws, saddle mounting screws, nut clamping screws, block mounting screws
  • String lock insert blocks

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