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When Leo Fender realized in the 1940s that he could improve old-school hollow-bodied instruments with the use of a simple solid-body design, he made big plans to alter the way guitars would be made in the future. Fender has been changing the way we make music since they introduced the first Telecaster guitar in 1951. As one of today's most recognized electric guitar brands, Fender sums it up best themselves with this message: "Playing a Fender isn't just what you do, it's who you are."

Perhaps the most iconic instrument in Fender's collection is the Stratocaster. This guitar is characterized by its balanced dual cutaway design with well-placed forearm and body contours that make for a comfortable playing experience. Most strats have three expressive single-coil pickups to capture virtually any sound you're looking to achieve. These guitars are also the perfect models for customization, with many artists using different pickups and switching configurations to cater to their specific sound needs.

Another classic in Fender's stellar line-up of electric guitars is the Jazzmaster. These guitars are a favorite amongst musicians of pretty much every genre, not only jazz artists as their name suggests. They were Fender's first instrument to feature dual tone circuits. This feature separates the lead from the rhythm circuits, giving them each their own controls resulting in amazing versatility. Another first for the Jazzmaster is the use of Fender's own floating tremolo bridge/tailpiece design which allows guitarists to further refine their tone and sound.

There have been a lot of changes to the music scene since Fender started producing electric guitars over 70 years ago, but one thing has remained constant- their dedication to creating the best guitars in the world. Whether you're looking to purchase your first six-string or are on the hunt for that coveted axe to add to your collection, Fender has the right guitar for you.