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Eb Clarinet Mouthpieces

It takes the entire instrument to make the final sound we're all familiar with, but there's no denying that the mouthpiece is where it starts. Working in tandem with your favorite reeds and your own breath technique, the mouthpiece on your Eb clarinet is the part that generates the tone that the rest of the instrument has to work with - and that makes it one of the most important pieces of all. With the variety of Eb clarinet mouthpieces available in this section, there's something for just about everybody, from a beginner searching for an upgrade from the stock mouthpiece to an experienced player in need of a premium model for that big performance or audition.

The key to choosing your Eb clarinet mouthpiece is to understand that no choice is right or wrong - it's a matter of finding the best one to meet your own needs. If you're a student wanting to take your instrument a step up from the mouthpiece that shipped with it, that best option may be the J & D Hite Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece, which offers great quality at an affordable price. From there, you might also take a look at the Vandoren Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece Series, which is available in a few different varieties so you can fine-tune the response of your instrument.

If you're a professional player, the standout in the lineup will probably be the Selmer Paris Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece Model C. It's definitely a favorite for pro clarinetists, owing to its impressive stability and accuracy, not to mention the consistency of its facing. This mouthpiece is also known for breaking tradition a little with a square (rather than arched) cross-section in the chamber, designed to improve focus, warmth and ease of tuning.

No matter which Eb clarinet mouthpieces catch your eye (and eventually your ear), as long as you read up on the options and choose the one that will meet your needs and budget, you're all set. You might be choosing a new mouthpiece because your old one is worn out, or because you've picked up a new clarinet and its stock mouthpiece is a little off - or maybe you're just looking to personalize your sound. All of that is possible with the various mouthpieces in this section.