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Clarinet Mouthpieces

There's no doubt that the reed is the most important single part of the clarinet. With that being the case, it goes without saying that the mouthpiece comes in second. Together, your reed and mouthpiece work as a team to create your clarinet's tone - which means that swapping in a new mouthpiece can affect its sound almost as much as changing the reed itself. Maybe you simply have a mouthpiece that's approaching its "retirement age" and you're looking for a replacement that will give you the same kind of sound yours did when it was brand new. Whatever your reason for searching, this selection of clarinet mouthpieces is sure to have something great for you. Since clarinets come in a few different forms, you can make your choice a bit easier by narrowing the field down to Bb, bass, Eb or specialty clarinet mouthpieces before you browse. Since the most common type of clarinet is the Bb, you'll find that it's also the most common type of mouthpiece. Options range from beginner-friendly models like the Giardinelli Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece to signature editions such as the Bari Buddy DeFranco Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece and all the way up to world-class creations in the caliber of the Selmer Paris C85 Series Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece. Those three mouthpieces are all on the top sellers' list, so you can take it from all the clarinetists who are already using them: they're excellent choices. If you play a different style of clarinet than the Bb, you might have an easier time picking out your mouthpiece since there aren't quite as many to sort through. There's the Vandoren Eb Clarinet Mouthpiece Series, for instance, and the very popular Yamaha 4C Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece. Are you an alto player? In that case, take a look at the Bundy Eb Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece, J & D Hite Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece and the Bundy Contra-Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece. These specialty models go to show that there's a mouthpiece here for every player. When it comes to clarinet mouthpieces, there's no such thing as a right or wrong option. Instead, it's a matter of choosing the best match for your personal playing style, skill level and budget. Once you take those factors into account and filter the lineup based on the type of mouthpiece you're looking for, it's safe to say you'll have no trouble finding the best one to put on your instrument.