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Developed in close collaboration with Metallica's legendary frontman and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield, these picks provide the attack, articulation and control needed for his punishing riffs and leads. Dunlop customized the pick to Hetfield's exacting standards after extensive road testing. They incorporated the blended beveled edge of the Black Fang Pick for biting tone and increased thickness to 1.14mm for ideal heft. An enhanced grip pattern ensures these picks stay put even when the riffing gets intense. The smaller profile allows for faster playing, and the white color stands out when tossed to eager fans.

Blended Beveled Edge for Bright Articulation

The blended beveled edge of the White Fang Pick enables a crisp attack that accentuates every note. This edge shape allows the pick to glide effortlessly across the strings while still providing enough resistance for accurately picked passages and power chords. The beveled edge, combined with the wide angle and sharp tip, yields the focused and punchy tone Hetfield demands.

Enhanced Grip for Control Under Pressure

An enhanced grip pattern on the White Fang Pick provides superior control even when riffing at high speeds or in challenging conditions. The custom pattern helps keep the pick securely in place when digging into the strings, allowing for consistent tone and technique. This non slip grip delivers the control and confidence needed for nailing Hetfield's intricate rhythms and speedy solos in front of roaring crowds.

1.14mm Thickness for Ideal Mass

At 1.14mm, the White Fang Pick provides enough thickness for a meaty and substantial tone without sacrificing playability. This customized gage offers the ideal balance of mass and flexibility for executing complex riffs with power and precision.

Smaller Profile for Faster Playing

A smaller pick profile allows for nimbler playing, enabling rapid picking passages and seamless transitions between power chords and single notes. The compact size makes the White Fang Pick ideal for tackling Hetfield's speed-of-light riffs as well as navigating the frets with precision for complex solos. Players of all skill levels will appreciate how the smaller profile complements versatile and dynamic playing styles.

Dunlop White Fang James Hetfield Signature Picks 1.0 mm 24 Pack
Dunlop White Fang James Hetfield Signature Picks 1.0 mm 24 Pack

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  • Combines the specially engineered shape of Flow Picks with Hetfield’s Black Fang Pick.
  • Small profile and low profile grip provide superior control.
  • Blended beveled edge allows pick to glide across strings.
  • Wide angle and sharp tip focus attack.
  • Perfect for Hetfield’s hard-charging riffs.

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