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DiMarzio Stratocaster Pickups (Humbucker)

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If you're the proud owner of an authentic Stratocaster guitar, there's a very good chance your axe is decked out with DiMarzio humbucker pickups. Compared to other Stratocaster humbuckers, DiMarzio models have a volume, low end growl and high-end bite that is simply unrivaled - in fact, that can be said for all DiMarzio Stratocaster pickups, whether they're humbucker or single-coil. Here, you'll discover a wide range of DiMarzio Stratocaster Pickups to give your 6-string of choice exceptional volume, tone and versatility.

When you dive into this selection of Stratocaster Humbucker pickups, you'll quickly realize just how dedicated DiMarzio is to constructing Strat humbuckers to suit every budget and style. To kick off your search, check out a top seller like the DP218 Super Distortion S Strat Humbucker Pickup. Available in your choice of black, white or cream colors, this pickup provides you with the characteristics of the acclaimed Super Distortion in a Strat bridge direct replacement-size pickup. Designed specifically for the slanted bridge position, the DP218's power and tone make it ideal for any guitarist who wants their leads and chords to cut through loud and clear.

Over the years, DiMarzio paired with many famed guitarists to create signature pickups, and this catalog includes one of their most noteworthy collaborations. Together with Joe Satriani, DiMarzio spent two years perfecting the DP425 Satch Track Neck Strat Pickup. By tracking your vibrations accurately while producing a rounded tone with warm highs, focused lows and crystal-clear mids, this pickup combines the best aspects of a single-coil and humbucker into a true work of art. Expressive and musical, the DP425 belongs on the axe of any serious Strat enthusiast.

With so many humbucker pickups for both the neck and bridge positions on your Strat, you could spend all day here perusing your choices. After all, any DiMarzio Stratocaster humbucker pickup would enhance the value of your guitar, let alone improve your tone considerably. No doubt, if you're thinking about making an upgrade to your Strat's humbucker pickups, this is definitely the section for you.
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