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Orange Electric Bass

Optimistic, extroverted and determined: these are not only character traits of musicians - they're also attributes of people who love the color orange. If you're a bassist who wants an instrument that reflects your outgoing personality and keenness to perform, then this catalog of orange electric bass guitars is for you. Whether you prefer the classic sound and feel of a 4-string model, the versatility of a 5-string bass or even the smooth playability of a fretless bass, this selection of orange electric basses has something for every taste.

If you're an experienced player, then you're most likely familiar with the brands that make up this section: from Ibanez to Gretsch Guitars to Ernie Ball Music Man, all the big names are offered here. But for those of you who are newcomers to the bass guitar and not sure which one is right for you, it helps to narrow down your search to the top sellers and then go from there. Speaking of which, the Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Short-Scale Bass Guitar is a top seller that's affordable and ideal for beginners thanks to its shorter, easy-to-play neck. In fact, the Mikro is also a great choice for travelling musicians who want to own a compact bass for practicing on the tour bus.

Of course, all you pro-level thumpers are in luck too. If you're a rockabilly enthusiast, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Gretsch Guitars G5440LS Electromatic Long Scale Hollowbody Bass. Equipped with dual "Back Top" Filter'Tron bass pickups for a powerful deep voice and boasting a single-cutaway hollow and bound body for terrific balance and sustain, the G5440LS is a juicy axe that's bursting with flavor. Now for all you jazz bassists, turn your attention to the NS Design CR4 Fretless Electric Bass Guitar. This instrument is loaded with innovation like an NS/EMG pickup system, Diradial body design and NS tuning system. Dynamic and perfectly balanced, the fretless CR4 belongs in the hands of any serious bassist who wants to up their game to an even higher level.

It's not something that every musician likes to admit, but image is important when it comes to having your talents noticed. For this reason, it only makes sense to choose a bass guitar that you can identify with, and if the color orange is a top priority, you'll find more than enough orange electric bass guitars on this page. By now, we won't blame you if you're itching to add to your basket, so move forth as you wish!