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Care & Cleaning for Orchestral Strings

Maintenance goes hand-in-hand with owning and playing a musical instrument, since keeping that instrument in good condition is essential for preserving its sound and stage presence. That's especially true for classical instruments like orchestral strings, which have delicate finishes and moving parts that require regular attention. Fortunately, care and cleaning for orchestral strings doesn't have to be a challenge. With a solid collection of the supplies found right here, you can easily take care of common maintenance tasks and maybe even save yourself a few trips to the repair shop - and your instrument will look and sound all the better for it.

The lion's share of these products are designed to enhance and protect the surface finish. That includes treatments like Hill Violin Polish and Glaesel Stringed Instrument Polish, as well as the means to apply them with applicators such as the Scherl and Roth Stringed Instrument Care Kit or the Glaesel Polishing Cloth. You can go for individual options like these if you prefer, or if you want to build yourself a finish treatment and polishing kit from scratch, check out something like the Giardinelli Violin/Viola Maintenance and Care Kit or the Kolstein Instrument-All Clean and Polish Kit.

Looking for something a little different? Maybe your pegs are getting a little stiff - in that case, The String Centre Peg Drops or Hill Peg Compound have you covered. Want to actively protect your violin's finish while you play, instead of just polishing it later? For that, there's the C-Clip Violin Protector. Or, if you're searching for an all-in-one kit for all your routine care, take a look at the Glaesel Care Kit for Violin/Viola/Cello, which comes loaded with a humidifier, pitchpipe, chinrest key, tension peg key, peg compound, rosin and polishing supplies.

As musicians, we tend to take pride in our instruments - and when you're proud of something, it deserves to be pampered once in a while. Care and cleaning for orchestral strings is the perfect starting point for that, and this section has all you need for protecting the look and durability of your instrument's finish, keeping its pegs free-turning and taking care of a few other everyday maintenance jobs as well.