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CD & DVD Printers

It's amazing to think that in a world where most music and videos are enjoyed through mp3s and online streams, there are still dedicated musicians and music lovers who prefer to have a tangible product that they can hold in their hands. For these folk, making music accessible through merch tables at live shows is all a part of playing in a band, and the visual aspects of their CDs and DVDs is just as important as the music contained on them. This is why you'll need a high quality CD or DVD printer and ink cartridge, and for that you're definitely in the right place. In this section, you'll find just what you need to make your demo CD or live performance DVD an eye-catching work of art. From Microboards to TASCAM, these companies have solid reputations worldwide for providing ink cartridges that are long-lasting and bursting with color. To start off your search, check out the TASCAM P11/CART/TAS Ink Cartridge. Made specifically for the TASCAM P11/TAS CD-DVD Thermal Printer, this replacement black ink cartridge is an affordable solution to making your band's name, song titles and liner notes easy to read. Now, if you really want to make your CD or DVD stand out, you'll need a few more colors besides black - in which case, turn your attention to the Microboards GX Series Tri-color ink cartridge. This model works with the Microboards GX Disc Publisher, GX Disc Printer and GX AutoPrinter. Load up your printer with this beauty and you'll have no problem creating a cover, back cover and inner sleeve that fully captures the spirit and essence of your music. It happened with vinyl, and it even happened with cassettes; are CDs and DVDs due for a comeback in popularity? Who knows - of course, for those who've stayed faithful to the disc, they've never gone out of style. If this sounds like you, a CD and DVD printer is a must and this catalog has more than enough options to consider.