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Musicians are always looking for new ways to make their music heard by as many people as possible. While recording your music and posting it online is one obvious answer, you can't beat the old-school way of handing your music to someone in a physical format, and that's where duplicators come in handy. As you know, duplication is the action of making multiple copies of something. For bands and solo artists, this could mean making CD copies of a demo you've recorded, or a DVD that features your finest live performance (or for that matter, a well-produced music video). To kick off your search for a duplicator, you might want to consider starting with a best seller like the Microboards Quic Disc DVD 123. This 1-to-3 DVD copier can burn DVDs at 18x and CDs at 48x speed. With the simple click of one button, you'll receive 3 copies at once at the highest recording speed available. No doubt, the Microboards Quic Disc DVD 123 is a must-have for any aspiring band or solo artist. EZ Dupe is another company that's well known for their duplicators, and their Media Mirror 3 Target Multi-Format Duplicator is a dream machine for making fast runs of your music on demand. In fact, this duplicator will back up not only DVDs and CDs but pretty much any type of media card and USB media device. Some unique features include Multi-Session technology (which allows several memory cards or USB sticks to be put onto a DVD or CD) and Disc Spanning (for placing larger cards onto an appropriate number of media pieces). As you can see, this catalog has some of the best single and multiple duplicators on the market. In fact, these duplicators are quite popular with musicians around the world thanks to their ability to duplicate CDs and DVDs in high sound and video quality. In other words, any one of these amazing units will provide you with the duplication services you need to make physical copies of your musical genius, quickly and effortlessly.