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Budda Tube Combo Guitar Amplifiers

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Leslie West of Mountain, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick and Nick Bockrath of Cage The Elephant are just a few of the many hard-rocking guitarists who count on Budda to make their performance bite and growl. Since 1995, Budda tube combo guitar amplifiers have been preferred by performers spanning countless genres. From their warm, creamy tone to their incredible tone-shaping controls and solidly built designs, the amplifiers in this catalog are great for any guitarist who enjoys sharing their talents with an audience.

So what Budda tube combo guitar amplifiers can be found here? Honestly, this selection is always updating with new arrivals so you never know what might show up. With that being said, if you happen to come across the Budda Verbmaster 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp, you'll definitely want to give it a closer look. For players who like to play loud, this tube-driven amp is for you. It boasts 2 high-grade EL84 power tubes, 3 12AT7 reverb driver tubes, Normal and High Gain inputs and an effects loop. Along with a custom-designed USA made Budda Phat 12" loudspeaker, the Verbmaster 1x12 is one combo amp that no rocker should pass up.

Another Budda tube combo guitar amplifier to keep an eye out for is the V40 SUPERDRIVE. This powerhouse is also made for the proudest of rockers; it delivers an aggressive snarl with complex overtones courtesy of the KT66 tubes. Rounded out with a punchy mid-section, deep bass and killer top end, the Superdrive 45 is ideal for playing classic metal, 70s punk, modern alternative or any other sub-genre that's meant to be loud.

And there are many other Budda tube combo guitar amplifiers that pop up regularly in these pages. Budda's knack for building hand-wired amplifiers with a perfect balance of warmth, power and attack has earned them a considerable amount of praise from musicians worldwide. Rest assured, including one of their tube combo amps in your setup will enhance your guitar performance in extraordinary ways.