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For many guitarists, it's tube amps or nothing else. Vacuum tube amplifiers were the first used in modern music and today they're renowned for their stability, simple circuitry and warm tonal characteristics. With a tube combo amp, there is no need for a separate head and cabinet - these units offer the perfect all-in-one way to plug in and perform. This section is home to many different tube guitar combo amplifiers and your search for finding the right one to suit your own taste and playing style starts right now. So what are you looking for? An affordable amp that's perfect for garage band jam sessions? If that's the case, check out the VHT Special 6 Ultra 6W 1x12 Hand-Wired Tube Guitar Combo Amp. With its unique depth control, tube-driven effects loop and additional preamp stage, the Special 6 Ultra combo comes loaded with enough overdrive to make your leads cut through even the heaviest mixes. This amp is a top seller for many reasons, including the fact that its "variable waters" control options lets you turn down the volume to practice levels without losing any of the crunch and grind that makes this combo amp so stellar in the first place. Need more power? No problem. The Jet City Amplification JCA5012C 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp has you covered with 50 watts of output that comes from a pair of 6L6 power tubes. Ideal for gigging musicians who need plenty of stage volume and lots of distortion, the Jet City tube amp rocks everything from soft, melodic tones to downright dirty riffs. Tube guitar combo amplifiers give you the benefit of convenience and portability. Whether you're rehearsing, performing or jamming with friends, a tube combo amplifier offers up warmth, fullness and distortion handling abilities you simply won't find with any other type of amp. Any one of these amps will give you the power you need and the tone you crave. Dive in and see for yourself what a tube combo guitar amplifier can bring to both your stage and studio setups.