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Musicians at all levels have tolerated the inconsistencies inherent in cane for as many centuries as players have affixed reeds to mouthpieces. Just open a new box and count the reeds which are cut slightly crooked or thinner on one rail than the other. If two reeds in five play as they should, we consider that box to be a good one. But what about the other three reeds?

A solution to the problems with cane is a synthetic reed. Manufacturers have been searching for the right combination of plastic epoxy, composites, coverings, and filaments for over fifty years.The problems are threefold: first, there are the structural issues of mouth feel, responsiveness, and resonance; second, there’s the question of the safety of the materials used; and third, there’s price. Good synthetic reeds cost a lot more than cane, making it hard for musicians to justify even trying them out.

With these challenges in mind, and after a decade of research and development, Bravo announces Bravo™ reeds. Bravo™ reeds feel, play, and perform as well as cane. The engineered manufacturing process guarantees the consistency every player deserves. They imposed a strict non-toxic manufacturing process in order to protect musicians and workers in our factory, certified by the stringent standards of the European Union.

And they did all this while keeping Bravo™ reeds priced competitively with cane. Students and professionals alike can benefit from the resistance to tip cracking, indifference to humidity and heat, instant playability, and significantly longer reed life compared to the best cane reeds.
Bravo Reeds Synthetic Tenor Saxophone Reed 5 Pack 2.5