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Whether you play the violin, viola, double bass or cello, you can't underestimate the impact that a quality bow can have on your performance. Not only will upgrading your bow provide smoother playability, but it can even improve your tone and projection. Thankfully, companies like Otto Musica, Karl Willhelm, Glasser and countless others are well aware of this, which is why their bows are continuously top sellers. From affordable student bows to models made specifically for the discerning professional, you'll find them all in this section.

When it comes to what bow suits you best, there really is no definite answer because every player has their own tastes and preferences. With that being said, not every bow is made from the same material. In fact, the most common type of material used for bows is Brazilwood: these bows are ideal for beginners and intermediate players and this catalog is loaded with options. If this sounds like what you're after, then check out the top-selling Bellafina Student Brazilwood bows for the violin, viola and cello, as well as the popular Bellafina Select Brazilwood Bass Bow.

Now for all you experienced players who want a bow with exceptional durability, try a fiberglass or carbon-fiber bow. Professional double bass players around the world love the Otto Musica Artino Select Series Carbon Graphite Double Bass Bow, and many advanced cellists are fans of the Glasser Fiberglass Cello Bow with Plastic Grip. As for violin and viola players, take a closer look at The String Center FG Series Fiberglass bows - models are available for both instruments and their sensitivity and balance are unrivaled.

By now you're probably convinced that you've come to the right place for a new bow. In the end, just remember that the ideal bow for you shouldn't be too light or too heavy - it should feel like an extension of your arm. Of course, there are so many bow options in these pages, you'll have no problem finding one that helps you deliver a bright, focused tone and feels comfortable in your hand.