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Bb Cornets

The cornet has origins that date back to early-1800s France, and by 1855 it started to resemble the look, feel and sound that it has today. Although it shares many similarities to a trumpet, the main difference is that the cornet has a conical bore instead of a cylindrical one which makes for a more calm and mellow sound. Without a doubt, the most common type of cornet is in the key of Bb, and that's what you'll find in this selection. In fact, this catalog features Bb cornets for student, intermediate and professional players from the world's top brass instrument brands like Getzen, Kanstul and B&S. Before jumping into your options, you might want to consider narrowing down your search by category. For example, if you click on "Student Bb Cornets", you'll be brought to models designed specifically for aspiring up and comers - including the Kanstul 730 Series Bb Cornet. Sporting a a.470" bore, corrosion-resistant nickel silver slides and a long body construction that's made for easy tone production, the 730 Series Bb Cornet is a beginner horn that would impress even a veteran player. Or, if you're a cornetist who's well-acquainted with the instrument and ready to take a big step towards a competing level, check out the Getzen 580 Capri Series Bb Cornet. This model has a .460" yellow brass bell, a Shepherd's crook and 1st valve trigger for easy intonation. With its stunning looks and amazingly dark tone, the 580 Capri Series Bb Cornet is perfect for any player with big ambitions. Of course, this section has more than enough options for those who are already familiar with performing in front of an audience - just have a look at the B&S 3141 Challenger II Series Bb Cornet. Boasting three monel piston valves, a gold plated top, bottom valve caps and a dual exchangeable mouthpiece receiver, this cornet is a masterpiece right down to the smallest detail. Now that you have an idea of what to expect from this selection, the rest is up to you. Once you consider your budget, skill level and personal tastes, finding your ideal Bb cornet should be a breeze. After all, only the best brass instrument brands are offered here - so whatever you decide on, the results will be sure to please you.