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Bassoon Method Books

From wind control and embouchure to learning how to play in different registers, the bassoon offers a number of challenges for interested players to undertake. With that being said, any experienced bassoonist will tell you that the rewards of learning the instrument are substantial. In fact, they'll also probably tell you that the early stages go by a lot quicker when you own a decent collection of bassoon method books to guide you along the way. On today's music market, you'll find a wide range of bassoon method books for enthusiastic beginners, ambitious intermediates and seasoned pros alike.

The method books in this catalog are chock-full of helpful tips, exercises and songs to develop your talents and make your musical journey even more enjoyable. Of course, the right method books for you will depend on your current skill level. For example, if you're just beginning your bassoon journey, check out a popular favorite like the Alfred Learn to Play the Bassoon! Book 1: it's filled with carefully graded methods written by pros to help you build a strong rhythm sense and great tone production.

Now, if you're an intermediate player and want to improve the overall performance level of your ensemble, try the Meredith Music Intermediate Studies for Developing Artists On the Bassoon. This amazing text covers every style appropriate for an intermediate bassoonist and includes music from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th-Century eras. Additionally, it's filled with exercises, articulation patterns and a variety of tempos, dynamics and time signatures to tackle.

As for all you masters of the bassoon, it can't hurt to brush up on your skills every now and then, and there are plenty of method books for you here as well. Your best bet is to jump into this section and look at the choices yourself - after all, if you're a seasoned pro, you'll know the right bassoon method book for you when you see it. Honestly, anyone who has an interest in the bassoon will benefit from owning an assortment of these bassoon method books - so regardless of your skill level or tastes, don't feel like you have to settle for just one!