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Bass Trombones

There aren't many instruments out there whose pedigree can match the trombone. With centuries of history behind it, this brass instrument is a key player in virtually any classical piece and that's made it a staple for orchestras and marching bands right up to the present day. Of course, with all those years in the mix, it's no surprise that the trombone has gradually branched out into several different varieties. One of the most intriguing is the bass trombone. While no trombone is a particularly high-voiced instrument, the bass trombone is especially low in the register, and that gives it a unique quality that makes it an important element in rounding out the sound of the whole band or orchestra. Like most brass instruments, bass trombones are available in tiers aimed at players of differing experience levels. For instance, if you're a newcomer, consider starting out with the Amati ASL 363 Series Bass Trombone. It's much more affordable compared to the other instruments in this section, and it's designed to be the perfect transition from tenor to bass trombone. Plus, its accessible design and solid build quality make it a wise choice for musicians from beginner level right up through intermediate. Speaking of intermediate, there are a few other options to consider if that's where you already are. There's the Amati ASL 382 Series Bass Trombone, for example, as well as the Conn 110H Series Bass Trombone and the Holton TR183 Series Bass Trombone. On the other hand, maybe you're an experienced professional looking for something truly world-class? In that case, check out the Bach 50B3 Stradivarius Series Bass Trombone and Conn 62HG Greenhoe Series Bass Trombone, to name just two. Want to extend your range even lower in the register? Then try the Miraphone MI57F Contrabass Trombone or the Kanstul Model 1690 F/C/Db/A Contra Bass Trombone on for size. No matter which of these bass trombones turns out to be the right one for you, there's no way to go wrong as long as you're getting a model that meets your needs and comes in at the right price point for your budget. So don't let all the options intimidate you - the best bass (or contrabass) trombone for your personal playing situation is out there; all it will take is a little bit of browsing through this section to find it.