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Bajo Sexto, Quinto & Vihuela Strings

From the lively, energetic sounds of Norteño music to more popular and contemporary genres like Tex-Mex, the music of Latin America is brought to life through a wide array of unique stringed instruments. Just like music north of the border, musicians who play the bajo sexto, cuatro, charango, cavaquinho and requinto need to choose their strings wisely. After all, strings have a huge impact on your tone, and finding a set that matches your tastes and playing style will ensure your talents are realized every time you play your Latin instrument.

Of course, the right set for you will be depend on your Latin instrument of choice and the gauge and string material you prefer. For example, if the 12-string bajo sexto is what you've mastered, check out a top-seller like the D'Addario J86 Phosphor Bronze Bajo Sexto 12-String Set. These strings deliver warm, bright acoustic tones and plenty of oomph in the low-end - making them an ideal set for members of Tejana bands.

As for bajo quintos, there are more than enough options for those as well. The GHS Bajo Quinto 10-String Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings are made specifically for recording musicians. Round wound and consisting of copper-tin phosphor alloy for a warm, smooth sound, these strings are perfect for bajo quinto players with serious aspirations. Or, if you play the charango, go with the LaBella Charango Strings. The charango is a miniature guitar-lute that originates from the Andes Mountains, and it has a wide neck with 10 strings in five courses. This set in particular is made of nylon, features plain-ends and is packaged using Modified Atmosphere Technology to keep the strings fresh.

When you consider that this section is made up of recognizable names in strings like D'Addario, GHS, LaBella and many others, you certainly don't have to worry about their quality. These companies are respected worldwide for providing musicians with strings that last through countless strums and plucks. So, whether you're a veteran Latin musician or a guitarist who wants to expand their musical knowledge and try something new, this catalog is your one-stop shop for Latin instrument strings.