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AKG Microphone Packages

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For over 60 years, top-recording artists and professional audiophiles have counted on AKG microphone packages to transmit their sound. A necessary addition to any situation that requires audio, a microphone acts as a lifeline to your audience. Whether you're playing a live show, outfitting your recording studio or simply jamming in the garage with friends, you want audio equipment that goes above and beyond. If you want to bring out the best in your signature sound from the first song through to the final encore, then an AKG microphone package is an excellent choice. For studio-quality gear that's considered essential by many sound engineers, take a look at C214 XLS and K240 Mic and Headphone Package. This budget-conscious bundle combines a heavy-duty, high-end cardioid mic with a pair of professional over-ear, semi-open headphones that offer long-wearing comfort for those extended studio sessions. From the high-pressure sound of amplified guitars to more sensitive voice applications, this mic and headphone package is capable of handling pretty much any vocal and instrument sound with ease. Now, if you're a performer that spends the majority of their time onstage, the AKG D5 Stand and Cable Package may be the perfect setup for you. It comes jam-packed with everything you need to cut through the mix, including a D5 dynamic microphone, a tripod boom stand and a 20' XLR-XLR microphone cable. This mic is best suited to lead and backing vocals and its supercardioid polar pattern gives you maximum gain before feedback - so you can really let loose and not have to worry about unwanted crackling and popping sounds getting in the way. And these are just two examples of AKG's microphone packages. There are more to choose from in this section and we suggest you take a closer look at each option for a better idea of which package is right for you. Keep in mind that no matter which package you choose, when you go with AKG, you're getting microphones and accessories from one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world of professional audio.