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The AKG Drum Set Premium 8-Piece Microphone Set provides an exceptional collection of dynamic and condenser mics for stage and studio. Open the included metal road case and you’ll see a D12 VR large-diaphragm dynamic, four D40 dynamics, a matched pair of C214 large-diaphragm condensers, and a C451 B small-diaphragm condenser. Every mic in the kit is resilient enough to shrug off punishing drummers and loud bands with maximum sound-pressure level ratings from 155dB to 164dB. Home-recording musicians and live-sound engineers will have no fear of these mics giving up smeared cymbals, clipped kick drums, mangled guitar- and bass-amp tones, or any other sonic gremlins produced by high-octave instruments.

The AKG Drum Set Premium 8-Piece Microphone Set will do an incredible job on drum kits—you can record a hi-hat, snare, kick drum, three toms and stereo overheads with what’s in the case—but it also does double duty as an excellent mic cabinet for other recording applications. For example, you could go old-school and record a full band using just the C214s as room mics or use one to track lead vocals. The C451 B can capture stunning acoustic timbres from source sounds as diverse as mandolin, banjo, violin, flute and chimes, as well as dreadnought, jumbo, orchestra, parlor and nylon-string guitars. Reach for the D40 and D12 VR dynamics for miking guitar amps, bass amps, congas, cowbells, horns and any instrument that moves a lot of air.

The mic clamps, shockmounts and stand adapters included in the kit make setups quick and simple by reducing the amount of mic stands required to track a drum set. All you’ll need are booms for the two C214 overheads and the C451 B hi-hat mic, and a boom or mini stand for the D12 VR on the kick. The four D40 dynamics mount right on the rims of the snare and tom shells, saving valuable stage and studio real estate and keeping things neat. The AKG Drum Set Premium 8-Piece Microphone Set offers superb sound quality, flexibility, versatility and portability. It’s a first-class miking solution for experienced professionals and anyone aspiring to level up their audio productions.

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  • Versatile microphone collection for drums and other recording uses
  • Hand-selected dynamic (5) and condenser (3) mics
  • Gig-tough, metal carrying case
  • Includes shockmounts, mic clamps and stand adapters

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AKG Acoustics, U.S. Limited Warranty

Amended July 19, 2005

AKG Acoustics warrants AKG products against defects in material or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of original purchase, and agrees to repair or, at our option replace any defective unit without charge for either parts or labor. AKG grants a three-year warranty covering selected products (C 12 VR, C 414 B-ULS, C 414 B-TLII, C 414 B-XLS, C 414 B-XLII, C 426 B, C 451 B, C 480 B, C 391 B, C 1000 B, C 2000 S, C 3000 B, C 4000 B, C 4500 B, SolidTube) against defects in material and workmanship.

Warranty is valid for AKG products purchased and delivered within the United States for the original purchaser only. The purchaser's Bill of Sale will serve as proof of sale and warranty validity in the U.S. Shipment of defective items to AKG for repair will be at the customer's own risk and expense. AKG will assume the return shipping cost for all items repaired under warranty.

IMPORTANT: This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, the affixing of any attachment not provided with the product, loss of parts, or connecting the product to any receptacle other than specified.

This warranty is void unless AKG Acoustics, U.S.'s service center performs the repair. No responsibility is assumed for any special, incidental or consequential damages caused by the consumer. However, the limitation of any right or remedy shall not be effective where law prohibits such.