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12 String Sets for Electric Guitar

The brilliant jangly sound of a 12 string electric guitar is unmistakable and its unique and rich tone has brought remarkable harmony and rhythm to folk and rock music for decades. Like any type of instrument, proper care and maintenance of your 12 string guitar is important. Any guitarist would agree having a spare set of strings in their gig bag or on stage is a must-have accessory for those times when you break a string and need to make a quick change.

12-string guitars are unique in their design in that they feature six pairs of strings. Their bright vibrant sound is accomplished by enthusiastic play and energetic bearing down on the wound strings. Because of this, there twice the likelihood a string would need replacing over standard 6 or 7 string guitars. Lightweight and springy, good guitar strings should be able to handle the strumming and plucking placed upon them from fingers or a pick. Like any instrument, this can take a toll on the lifespan of your strings so having a spare set makes good sense.

An important consideration when choosing guitar strings is the gauge, which indicates the strings thickness and the amount of tension it needs for proper play. Thinner options like a 9 gauge are a bit easier to pluck and tend to be more flexible, giving them a brighter, clearer-sounding tone ideal for beginners. Heavier gauge strings require a bit more pressure and have a greater when played. They are ideal for harder rock performances or rhythm guitar. Guitar strings can vary from extra light to very heavy so it’s worth the time to play around and try out different strings until you nail your perfect sound.

Generally 12-string guitar strings are wound in nickel-plated steel, giving the instrument their renowned bright tone and intonation without wearing down the frets. Ernie Ball 2230 Nickel 12-string guitar strings and D’Addario EXL150 Nickel XL strings are both excellent portable options small enough to fit in a jacket or case, allowing an easy switch during a jam session or live performance. It’s also a good idea to change your strings from time to time to ensure the best possible sound quality. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner, having an extra set of electric guitar 12-strings at your disposal is a practical option. With their durable construction and plucky sound, you’ll sound top-notch from the moment you fasten them on your guitar.