The Zildjian I Series splash is a thin effects cymbal with a lightning-fast, cutting sound. Made at the Zildjian factory in the USA, this cymbal is built for accents that add a little color without overstaying their welcome. This splash is extra-bright due to the B8 bronze material, which also reduces cost. This classic splash is an excellent choice for beginners and students looking to branch into effects cymbals, and for any Guitar Center customer looking to save on a new effect.

Zildjian I Series Splash Cymbal Main Features

  • Thin splash cymbal with bright, cutting attack
  • Thinner, more expressive cymbals in a budget series
  • Crafted from fully lathed, machine-hammered sheet bronze
  • Brilliant finish with cursive Zildjian “i” logo

A Classic Splash With a Bright, Speedy Sound

Zildjian created the I Series to bring inspiring sounds to students and value-minded players, and exciting effects cymbals are essential to the project. This splash is no exception. The thin weight and B8 bronze combine for a super-fast response that’s bright and cutting. The quick decay gets the song back into the groove without lingering noise. Plus, there are few ways to add a new sound at such a low cost.

Thinner Design for Evocative, Inspiring Sounds

Taken from Ilham, the Turkish word for inspiration, the Zildjian I Series is designed to inspire new players and students with more expressive sounds. Zildjian accomplishes this change by using thinner weights than in previous entry-level series. That means these cymbals are washier and more emotive, giving players new dimensions to explore while searching for their personal style.

Zildjian Craftsmanship at an Affordable Price

While the price makes the I Series accessible to first-time drummers, these cymbals are still made in the USA at the same factory as legendary K and A Zildjian lines, using many of the same techniques passed down for hundreds of years. The process starts with B8 sheet bronze, which is precision-hammered by machine and lathed fully from bell to edge. The I Series also includes models with experimental touches from pro-level lines, like sound holes and extra hammering.

Modern Series With Classic Looks

When it comes off the line, each cymbal in the I Series is polished to a bright finish—brilliant enough to make an impression without being too reflective. It’s then stamped with the “i” logo, which is modeled on the cursive “i” in the Zildjian logo known all over the world. These touches, along with the official stamp along the edge, confirm that these affordable cymbals are authentic Zildjian, through and through.

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