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Zildjian Zildjian Zildjian
Zildjian Zildjian

Founded in 1623 by an alchemist in the Ottoman Empire, the Avedis Zildjian Company has since grown into the world’s largest creator of cymbals, changing the face of music and helping generations of drummers find their own unique sound.

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  1. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Pack With Free 18" A Custom Crash
    Your Price $919.95
  2. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Custom Dark Cymbal Pack With Free 18" Crash
    Your Price $1,239.95
  3. Top-Seller
    Zildjian S Family Performer Cymbal Pack With Free 18" Thin Crash
    Your Price $599.95
  4. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Series 5-Piece Cymbal Pack
    Your Price $1,269.95
  5. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Custom Crash Cymbal
    From Price $249.95
  6. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Series 391 Cymbal Pack With Free 18" Crash
    Your Price $849.95
  7. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Sweet Crash
    From Price $319.95
  8. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Sweet Cymbal Pack, 14", 16", 18", 21" With Free 18" Crash
    Your Price $1,319.95
  9. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Cymbal Pack With Free 18" K Dark Thin Crash
    Your Price $1,209.95
  10. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash Cymbal
    From Price $339.95
  11. Top-Seller
    Zildjian L80 Series LV468 Low Volume Cymbal Pack With Free 16" Crash
    Your Price $399.95
  12. Top-Seller
    Zildjian Oriental China 'Trash' Cymbal
    From Price $209.95
  13. New Arrival
    Zildjian A Series New Beat Hi-Hat Cymbal Pair
    From Price $379.95
  14. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Cymbal Pack With Free 18" Crash
    Your Price $1,269.95
  15. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash Cymbal
    From Price $294.95
  16. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Series Medium-Thin Crash Cymbal
    From Price $264.95
  17. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Custom Gospel Cymbal Pack With Free 18" Cymbal
    Your Price $979.95
  18. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Series Ultra Hammered China Cymbal Brilliant
    Your Price $334.95
  19. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash Cymbal
    From Price $319.95
  20. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Light Hi-Hat Pair Cymbal
    From Price $539.95
  21. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Light Ride Cymbal
    From Price $524.95
  22. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Custom Worship Cymbal Pack With Free 18" Cymbal
    Your Price $1,239.95
  23. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Sweet Ride Cymbal
    From Price $474.95
  24. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Custom Mastersound Hi-Hat Pair
    From Price $489.95
  25. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride Cymbal
    From Price $444.95
  26. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Custom Splash Cymbal
    From Price $124.95
  27. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Series Medium Ride
    From Price $349.95
  28. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Series Rock Cymbal Pack With Free 19" Cymbal
    Your Price $889.95
  29. Top-Seller
    Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash
    From Price $249.95
  30. Top-Seller
    Zildjian K Custom Dark Hi-Hat Cymbal Pair
    From Price $509.95
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Created in 1618 by Avedis Zildjian as he was looking for a way to turn base metal into gold, an alloy combining tin, copper and silver resulted in a metal that could make musical sounds without shattering. Zildjian founded the company in 1623, though the details of the main product remained secret for generations. It became family tradition that only the company's heirs would know the manufacturing process. The Zildjian Company moved from manufacturing noisemakers to frighten the enemies of the Ottoman Empire to manufacturing its cymbals as musical instruments in the 19th century.

Around 1928, Avedis III, his brother Puzant, and Aram Zildjian began manufacturing cymbals in Quincy, Massachusetts, and the Avedis Zildjian Co. was formed in 1929, in competition with the K. Zildjian Company in Turkey. Avedis made many innovations in cymbals that are still around today, such as being first to develop drum-set cymbals and gave cymbals names such as ride, crash, splash, and hi-hat. Avedis III's son Armand Zildjian began hand-selecting cymbals for all the top drummers of the time. It was his close personal relationships with the top drummers and percussionists of the day on which Zildjian still bases its Artist Relations Department. In 1968, the K. Zildjian Co. and all European trademarks were bought back on behalf of the Avedis Zildjian Co.

In early 1977, Armand Zildjian was appointed President of the Avedis Zildjian Company by his father. Armand passed the Zildjian Secret Alloy to his daughters, Craigie and Debbie (14th generation), both of whom continue to run the family business from the current factory.

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