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Yamaha, the leader in innovative musical instruments, has created the L-125 Keyboard Stand to showcase their renowned P-125 digital piano. Exclusively compatible with the P-125, this stand provides the perfect platform to highlight the piano's sophisticated style and sound. The L-125 stand's sturdy, stable base gives you a ideal playing position and the confidence to perform at your best. Play your P-125 in style on this stand, purpose-built to match the piano's premium quality and looks.

A Stand That Matches Your Piano's Elegance

Why settle for an ordinary stand when you can display your P-125 on a platform befitting its prestige? The L-125 stand reflects the P-125's refined style with a furniture-inspired design that enhances your piano's sophisticated appearance. The L-125's smooth, sleek lines and premium build highlight your piano's status as a world-class digital instrument. Give your P-125 the stand it deserves with the L-125.

Provides an Ideal Playing Position

The L-125 stand raises your P-125 to an optimal height for comfortable playing. Its sturdy, tip-resistant base gives you a stable surface to perform with confidence. Adjust the stand to your perfect seated or standing position so you can focus on your performance. Optional LP-1 pedals (sold separately) connect securely to the L-125 stand for expressive playing. Purpose-built for the P-125, the L-125 stand puts your piano at the perfect elevation for effortless playing and performance.

Designed Exclusively for the P-125

Yamaha created the L-125 stand specifically for the P-125 digital piano. Its dimensions and design esthetically match the P-125 to highlight your piano's style. The L-125 attaches securely to the P-125 for a seamless look and stable playing surface. Get the stand that completes your P-125 with the L-125. Discover why Yamaha's L-125 stand and P-125 digital piano are an inimitable combination of form and function.

Premium Yamaha Quality

Yamaha has earned a reputation for producing innovative, high-quality musical instruments through their passion for perfection. The L-125 stand reflects Yamaha's commitment to excellence with a sturdy yet stylish design and premium materials built to last. Trust Yamaha, the leader in digital pianos, to create a stand worthy of their renowned P-125.

Yamaha L-125 Keyboard Stand Black

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