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Vic Firth's SIH2 Isolation Headphones set a new standard for premium personal monitoring. Featuring upgraded 50 mm drivers and 20dB of passive noise reduction, the SIH2s deliver full-range stereo sound at safe volume levels for hearing health. Musicians and audio professionals will appreciate the SIH2s' redesigned padded headband and stylish carbon fiber ear cups, engineered for comfort during long hours of tracking or performance. Pick up the SIH2 Isolation Headphones at Guitar Center for the ultimate portable listening experience.

Industry-Leading Noise Reduction Protects Your Ears

The SIH2's 20dB of passive noise reduction makes them ideal for drummers, vocalists and other performers working in loud environments. By significantly reducing ambient noise, the SIH2s allow you to monitor playback and click tracks at safe volume levels, protecting your ears from long-term damage over the course of a tour or recording project.

Upgraded 50 mm Drivers Deliver Full-Range Stereo Sound

Newly redesigned 50 mm drivers provide the SIH2s with deeper bass response, clearer midrange detail and more articulate highs than previous models. Whether you need to monitor a full drum kit, an ensemble of horns or the nuances of a lead vocal take, the SIH2s render the entire frequency spectrum with stunning fidelity.

Redesigned Headband Offers All-Day Comfort

Vic Firth upgraded the SIH2's headband with premium padding for enhanced comfort during extended wear. The adjustable headband and rotating ear cups conform perfectly to your head, while breathable materials prevent overheating. For recording engineers pulling long hours in the studio, the SIH2s' redesigned headband is a welcome upgrade that allows you to focus on the mix rather than discomfort.

Premium Design and Versatile Applications

With their bold yet understated carbon fiber finish and sturdy metal components, the SIH2s make a stylish statement whether on stage or in the control room. An included stereo cable with 1/4" and 1/8" connectors provides seamless connectivity for a range of monitoring solutions. For drummers and other musicians, the SIH2s are a compelling choice for both live performance and practice. And for studio engineers and producers, the SIH2s are essential gear for tracking, overdubbing and mixing.

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