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This value pack includes a Vandoren M30 Lyre Bb Clarinet mouthpiece and a pack of 10 Vandoren 56 rue Lepic Clarinet Reeds (strength 3.5) at half-off pricing!

M30 Lyre Bb Clarinet mouthpiece
The M30 Lyre mouthpiece is part of Vandoren' Series 13 American mouthpieces. It is similar to the 5RV Lyre but with a larger tip opening and a longer facing that guarantees flexibility and roundness. This traditionally faced mouthpiece has an exceptional quality of sound.

The mouthpiece is the motor of an instrument, which gives it its overall timbre and pitch. The quality of the mouthpiece is vital for it allows artists to display the full range of their expressiveness.

56 rue Lepic Clarinet Reeds
56 rue Lepic ” the home of Vandoren ” has long been the Mecca of reed innovation. Designed from thicker cane, the 56 produces a rich, centered and extremely pure sound while providing maximum stability in all registers. Its quick response ensures precision in the most difficult passages without sacrificing the extraordinary round and warm sound. Precision is extended to the new numbering system that offers a more specific range of strengths in each box for consistent performance. These choice reeds come in humidity balanced factory fresh packaging so they play as if you selected them in Paris at 56 rue Lepic.

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M30 Lyre Bb Clarinet mouthpiece
  • Larger tip opening
  • Longer traditional facing
  • Flexible and round
56 rue Lepic Clarinet Reeds
  • Designed from thicker cane
  • Rich, centered, and extremely pure sound
  • Maximum stability in all registers
  • Quick response
  • Extraordinarily round and warm sound
  • Shipped in humidity-balanced packaging

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M30 Lyre Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece
  • Tip Opening (1/100MM): 113.5 mm
  • Face Length: L
  • Recommended 56 rue Lepic reed strengths: 3.5 “ 4
56 rue Lepic Clarinet Reeds
  • Heel thickness: 3.25 mm (.128")
  • Tip thickness: .11 mm (.0043")
  • Strengths: 3.5