Universal Audio


Starlight Echo Station 
The Starlight Echo Station is a flagship, no-compromise guitar effect pedal that establishes a new benchmark for classic Delay effects, with sonic authenticity far beyond all other stompboxes. The Starlight Echo Station features 3 Legendary Effects, Stereo/Dual Mono operation, True Bypass with Silent Switching, an optional Buffered Bypass via software, Analog Dry-Through, and a Preset Mode to recall stored settings. 

Stunningly accurate emulation of Echoplex EP-3, including tape age and splice, wow and flutter — plus optional preamp coloration. As made famous by Jimmy Page, Eric Johnson, Eddie Van Halen, and Andy Summers. 

Analog DMM
Captures every nuance of this legendary bucket brigade delay, plus its optional preamp coloration. As made famous by U2, The Cure, and Radiohead.

A pristine digital delay with tons of modulation options derived from the acclaimed UAD plug-in library. 

Bonus Cooper Time Cube
A Bill Putnam Sr.-designed garden-hose delay, made famous by Jack White. Available free at pedal registration.

  • Tape EP-III-3 unique machines (clean, warm, worn)
  • Analog DMM-3 modulation modes
  • Precision-3 modulation modes
  • Knob, Preset, and Tap + Preset modes
  • Six subdivision options, including two dual-delay modes
  • Optional Spillover and Trails (True/Buffered Bypass)
  • Optional preamp coloration (Tape EP-III & Analog DMM)
  • FREE Cooper Time Cube bonus effect at registration
  • Unmatched sonic authenticity
  • Rugged UA build quality
  • True Bypass with Silent Switching
  • Optional Buffered Bypass
  • Preset mode
  • Configurable footswitch operation (Starlight and Astra models)
  • Optional Preamp coloration on select effects
One year parts and labor warranty on all U.A. products and Kind of Loud products.