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Timpani Drums

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This history of timpani drums dates back to the 15th century when they were played on horseback as part of the cavalry band. While the basic design of these big, round kettledrums hasn't changed significantly, they have moved from horseback to stages around the world. Today, timpani are one of the key instruments in philharmonic and symphony orchestras. A typical set of timpani consists of four drums of sizes ranging typically from 23 to 32 inches. Depending on your budget and sound preferences, you can choose to play more or fewer - but to play classical music pieces, a full set is recommended. There are many different styles of timpani to choose from here, so whether you're looking for a single timpano or a full set, you should be able to find the perfect timpani to suit your signature playing style. If you're an accomplished percussionist who wants to expand your current set with additional timpani, you'll want to check out single drums like the 29" Majestic Prophonic Series Hammered Timpano or any of the drums from the Majestic Harmonies Series, which range in sizes from 23 to 32 inches. Any of these fantastic options offers a great way to broaden your sound. Alternatively, if you are in the market for a complete set of timpani, consider the Adams Professional Series Generation II Fiberglass Timpani. Each drum in this 5-piece ensemble comes with an integrated locking 3rd wheel assembly on the player's side with two permanently affixed wheels and brakes that allow for nearly effortless moving - a feature that's definitely needed for percussionists who play in many different venues. Keep in mind that the above examples are simply suggestions - there are lots more timpani to see in this section. Just like all percussionists have their own playing styles, all timpani have their own unique sounds. So, whether you're performing traditional scores, more contemporary pieces or something entirely different, you're bound to find the right timpani in this impressive selection of drums.