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The String Centre Violin Strings

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A violin isn't much without a set of strings, and since the lifespan of any string is limited, it goes without saying that you'll always want to have some replacements on hand. Thankfully, you don't have to bend over backward to find a solid set - with options like The String Centre violin strings to choose from, it's easy (not to mention affordable) to stock up with spares that can also make decent upgrades from a violin's stock strings. They offer the choice between steel and synthetic cores, so you can take your pick from longevity or traditional tone. Either way, you're getting a set of strings that will deliver solid performance without breaking the bank.

If steel is up your alley, then The String Centre Recital II Violin String Set is definitely the one to look at. They're the same strings that come from the factory on Recital II violins, which makes them the best option if you're looking for an exact replacement. A full set allows you to swap all the strings at once, which will help you keep the sound of your violin consistent from one change to another. Looking for synthetic strings instead? No problem: just go for The String Centre Series 50 Violin String Set. These ones are original equipment on Bellafina 50 Series instruments, and come with a perlon core producing warmth and power that can easily hold its own against much pricier competition.

Naturally, it's up to the violinist as to which sort of strings to choose, and you don't have to feel compelled to go with the exact same replacement strings. So even if you don't play a Recital II or a 50 Series, you could still get a great fit for your instrument in this selection of The String Centre violin strings. That's the great thing about this brand: they make good-quality strings easy to get your hands on, so no matter how you play and how tight your budget, you can gear up for an incredible performance.