Super Classic I 360 TAM Alto Sax Mouthpiece is similar in design and sound as the original SC I. It's precision machined, produced utilizing TAM technology. It's 18Kt heavy gold-plated and offers players a dynamic centered sound

Designed by master artisan and mouthpiece model maker Gary Sugal, the SC I360 TAM alto mouthpiece is slightly darker than Sugal’s SC II but, versatile enough to be used by today's saxophonist who plays straight-ahead jazz and is now available at an affordable price.

The Super Classic 360 TAM has been designed via a Technologically Advanced Methodology (TAM) and is built around technologically advanced molding, that deliver advanced prototyping parts. The results are a fine, crisp, smooth flat surface finish and outstanding resonance along with close tolerances.

The Super Classic I 360 TAM utilizes Sugal’s proprietary copper metal formulation (94% pure copper body) to resonate without sounding gritty or nasal.

Although the technology used to create the mouthpiece is dramatically different than CNC machining, the results have proven to be delightful. This model is perfectly suited for all levels of musicianship and as noted above is available at unusually competitive pricing.  

Sugal now laser enhances the side, tip rails and body of all his mouthpieces. The Sugal Super Classic I 360 TAM features Sugal’s famous parallel refined mini–tracks allowing the metal to breathe or expand for spot on intonation and maximum resonation.

The Sugal Super Classic I 360 TAM mouthpiece has a rich, bright, powerful, centered sound with lots of bite when called upon.

It also features a medium to large chamber with a machined raised roll-over snow-hill styled baffle allowing for a solid full-bodied focused cutting centered sound. Aspiring musicians, young and old, will find this mouthpiece to be totally free blowing.  

Reminiscent of the great Cannonball bop alto sound, the Super Classic I 360 TAM has an ease of playability and attains the altissimo register with ease.

Players will find that the overall dynamics and blend of Sugal's preparatory natural copper material eliminates that brittle, nasal resonance found in most competitive models.
  • The Super Classic I 360 TAM is ideal for todays’ all-around jazz musician
  • Huge centered sound with spot on intonation
  • Free blowing and ease of play, articulation have all been retained from the original SC I  
  • Body along with the side rails and tip rails are laser treated
  • Huge easily controlled smooth, silky sound
  • The mouthpiece has powerful center core with outstanding dynamics
  • Accurate intonation in all registers
  • Features Sugal’s famous rolled over easy flow air styled "snow-hill” “mini-track” line baffle
  • Parallel “refined “mini-tracks” allow the metal to breath (resonate)
  • Every Sugal mouthpiece is 18kt (HGE) Heavy Gold Electroplated
  • Note: 14kt, 18kt and 24kt is only a color or shade of gold. Actual gold plating is measured in the amounts of “mils” that are put on the mouthpiece.
  • The norm or “standard” for gold plated mouthpieces in the industry is 30 mils. While most other makers do not come close to reaching the “standard” all our gold plated “HGE “ mouthpieces exceed the nor or “standard”
  • Meticulously hand finished and play tested by master artisan G.Sugal