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Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces

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More than any other part on your alto saxophone, it's the mouthpiece that will have the biggest impact on your instrument's playability and sound quality. As you browse this section, you'll notice that there are a seemingly endless range of alto saxophone mouthpieces. The reason is because every player has their own unique embouchure (lip shape) and every horn is crafted differently - so what works for you might not work for someone else. With that being said, understanding how different mouthpiece styles can affect your performance will give you a better idea of which one is right for you.

The three main characteristics of a mouthpiece are its material, tip opening and baffle. Softer materials are ideal for a dark tone with less projection while tougher materials produce a bright sound with more projection. As for the tip, narrow tip openings are best for beginners because they provide an easy response and clear tone. On the other hand, wider tips are for experienced players because they produce more volume but also require more control. Lastly, the baffle is part of a mouthpiece that's located behind the tip rail. Typically, mouthpieces with a baffle that's closer to the reed will deliver a brighter sound while a reed that is far from the baffle will produce a darker tone.

With so many alto saxophone mouthpieces to choose from, you might want to consider starting with the top sellers and going from there. On the more affordable side of things, there's the Giardinelli Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Kit with Cape & Ligature. This mouthpiece is plastic-molded (a common material for students), durable and offers terrific playability. Another generously-priced mouthpiece is the Yamaha 4C Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece. Balanced and focused in any octave, this mouthpiece is perfect for beginners but is also worthy of being played by a stage veteran.

Moving things along, let's take a look at some of the more high-end mouthpieces. From Lebayle, there's the Hard Rubber LRII Chamber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece. Versatile and boasting a broad range of expression, this darker-sounding mouthpiece is superb for ballads. Or, turn your attention to the Theo Wanne DURGA Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece. Available in multiple sizes, this powerful mouthpiece has a unique baffle design and rounded inner side walls. Great for everything from jazz to R&B to rock'n'roll, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better alto sax mouthpiece on today's market.

Of course, seeing is only half believing, so go ahead and make your choice! The simple truth is that every alto saxophonist should choose their mouthpiece wisely. And whether you're the member of a high school concert band or a pro jazz ensemble, this catalog of alto saxophone mouthpieces has something to suit every budget and playing style.