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Student Alto & Tenor Horns

So you're thinking about taking up the alto/tenor horn? Well you've definitely come to the right place. Whether you're planning to play in a marching band, wind orchestra or a brass ensemble, the alto/tenor horns in this selection are a perfect balance of playability and sound quality - so you can bet your performance will stand out in any setting. In fact, companies like Besson, Amati and Selmer are all trusted among school band instructors across the country for their alto/tenor horn models, and this catalog includes each of them. Since it's safe to assume that you're new to the horn, you might be wondering what the difference is between an alto and a tenor - truthfully, there isn't much, if any, difference at all. They're basically the same instrument and whether or not they're called an alto or tenor will depend on the model's country of origin (in America they're called altos, and in the U.K they're called tenors). So let's take a look at some of your options. A terrific choice for entry-level Eb alto/tenor horn players is the Amati AAH 311 Series Eb Alto Horn. Featuring a .460" bore with three top-action and stainless steel piston valves, this horn's action and response will impress even a veteran of the instrument. It also comes with a case and mouthpiece, so you can be ready to start your musical journey as soon as this horn makes its way to your hands. Another exceptionally-crafted model is the Besson BE1052 Performance Series Eb Tenor Horn. Ideal for aspiring youngsters who play in brass bands and wind orchestras, this horn is everything you'd expect and more from a respected brass instrument manufacturer like Besson. From its top-notch intonation to its centered sound and smooth action, the BE1052 is built to last through countless years of playing enjoyment - even long after you become well-versed with the instrument. At this point we'll leave you to do some browsing of your own, but hopefully these two models gave you a good idea of what can be found in this section. Used models are also available, and you never know what might show up, so try to check back often. By giving careful consideration to each of your options, you can be sure that your first student alto/tenor horn choice is the right one.