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Seth Lover SH-55 Guitar Pickup

Seymour Duncan

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The Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover Humbucker Pickup Set, developed with the help of humbucker inventor Seth Lover himself. This meticulously crafted pickup set is designed to provide the warm, articulate tone of the original 1955 PAF humbuckers in Seth Lover's Gibson Les Paul. The SH-55 pickups are not wax potted, just like vintage PAFs, allowing their full sonic character to shine through. Available in nickel silver covers to complete the vintage esthetic, the SH-55 set is a must for any guitarist chasing classic rock and blues tones.

Authentic Alnico 2 Tone

The SH-55 pickups are wound on Seymour Duncan's original 1950s Leesona coil winder using 42AWG plain enamel wire and Alnico 2 bar magnets, just like the original PAFs. This combination produces a clear tone with rich harmonics and a musical "honk" from the unpotted coils. The bridge pickup provides an open, airy tone perfect for chords and leads, while the neck pickup delivers a smooth, singing quality for melodic solos and clean tones.

Handcrafted for Vintage Accuracy

Every component of the SH-55 set is meticulously crafted to vintage-correct specifications, from the butyrate bobbins and long-legged nickel silver bottom plate to the custom-machined maple spacers. The 2.5" Alnico 2 bar magnets are magnetized to the exact gauss rating of Seth Lover's original design. This painstaking attention to detail allows the SH-55 set to capture the essence of the hallowed PAF tone that defined the sound of rock and roll.

Versatile and Bold

While designed primarily for vintage and classic rock tones, the SH-55 set handles a wide range of musical styles with aplomb. The unpotted coils provide a touch of microphonic honk that adds character to overdriven tones and a piano-like percussiveness to cleans. The medium output of the SH-55 set allows it to achieve rich distortion without becoming muddy, making it suitable for everything from country and jazz to hard rock.

A Legend Reborn

The Seymour Duncan SH-55 Seth Lover Humbucker Pickup Set revives the iconic tone of Seth Lover's original PAF design that shaped rock and roll. Built to the most exacting vintage specifications and co-developed with the humbucker's inventor himself, the SH-55 set provides the authentic sound and feel of the 1955 Gibson Les Paul.

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  • Not recommended for use with ultrahigh gain tube amplifiers over 50 watts
  • Vintage-style single cable
  • Calibrated set of faithful P.A.F.s built exactly the way Seth Lover intended for a smooth and sweet tone