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Ren Wei Shi Cellos

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So you're thinking about buying a high-quality cello but don't want to pay the average high-quality cello price? If so, then you couldn't have picked a better section: Ren Wei Shi cellos are affordable, beautifully crafted and boast an impressive amount of hand work. Like every bowed string instrument that Ren Wei Shi designs, a great amount of time goes into ensuring that these cellos look, play and sound incredible so that your highest level of playing potential is fully realized every time you perform.

Ren Wei Shi's cello catalog features more than one intermediate model that any advancing student would be proud to own. Intermediate cellos are designed specifically for players who are not necessarily veterans of their instrument, but want to upgrade from their current student model. Although they are less expensive than professional cellos, many experienced players continue with intermediate cellos well into their careers.

To kick off your search, take a look at the Model 7000 Cello. Carefully carved from spruce and maple and boasting a brown, rich varnish, this cello is a treat on the eyes and produces a strong, resonant tone with terrific response throughout the entire range. Or, if you're willing to spend a bit more, check out the Model 8000 Cello. This beauty sports close-grained spruce and well-figured maple that's hand-carved and graduated. The Result is a cello with top-notch response and a soaring tone that would please anyone who has dedicated themselves to such a wonderful, dignified instrument.

So there you have it - hopefully by now you've realized that opting for one of these Ren Wei Shi cellos would be an excellent way to take your skills to the next level. Whether you're a member of a string ensemble or perform as a solo artist, a Ren Wei Shi cello is just what you need to deliver an unforgettable show for everyone in attendance at your next recital.