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The Remo Vintage Emperor Coated drum head is a reissue of the first Remo Emperor drumhead that changed drumming in the late 1960s. This 10" batter head provides the sensitivity, snare response and accentuated midrange of the original Emperor with a durable, coated playing surface built to withstand the demands of any gig. Constructed of two plies of 7.5-mil polyester film, the Vintage Emperor Coated delivers a fat, punchy tone with sustain and projection ideal for classic rock, blues and jazz drumming.

Vintage-Inspired Coating Provides Controlled Sound

The coated playing surface of the Vintage Emperor Coated drumhead helps focus and shape your drum tone for a controlled yet resonant sound. The coating slightly dampens higher overtones, emphasizing midrange frequencies that cut through the mix. This provides focused articulation and a balanced, vintage-style tone suited to a variety of musical styles. The coating also helps prevent unwanted ringing and overtones, giving you more control over the sound of each drum.

Two-Ply Durability With Vintage Character

While the original Emperor featured two plies of 7.5-mil Mylar, the Vintage Emperor Coated is built with two plies of more durable 7.5-mil polyester film. This provides the warmth, sensitivity and snare response of the original Emperor with increased strength and protection from wear and tear. The result is a drumhead that evokes a classic sound while handling the demands of modern drumming with ease.

Remo Vintage Emperor Coated Drum Head 15 in.

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  • 2-ply
  • 7.5-mil polyester film

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