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Introducing the All-New Quantum Audio Interfaces | PreSonusplay button

Introducing the All-New Quantum Audio Interfaces | PreSonus

How To Set Up Your Quantum ES or HD Audio Interface | PreSonusplay button

How To Set Up Your Quantum ES or HD Audio Interface | PreSonus

Quantum HD Demo Featuring Riarosa | Presonusplay button

Quantum HD Demo Featuring Riarosa | Presonus


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Harness the full potential of your studio with the PreSonus Quantum HD 2 audio interface. Leveraging nearly 30 years of design expertise, the Quantum HD 2 delivers the pristine sound quality and intuitive workflow serious musicians need to capture inspired performances. Its cutting-edge converters and low-latency drivers preserve every nuance, while innovative features like re-amp outputs and Auto Gain streamline recording like never before.

PreSonus Quantum HD2 Rear Panel

Next-Generation MAX-HD Mic Preamps

At the heart of the Quantum HD 2 are two newly designed MAX-HD mic preamps boasting an incredible +75dB of gain range. These transparent, low-noise preamps utilize digitally controlled analog circuitry to provide stunning clarity and headroom for today's most popular studio mics. You'll experience open, natural-sounding recordings with a wide dynamic range free of unwanted noise or coloration. Whether capturing vocals, acoustic instruments or amplified sources, the MAX-HD preamps deliver pristine quality from input to output.

PreSonus Quantum HD2 With Guitar

Fender-Designed Instrument Inputs

For guitarists and bassists, the Quantum HD 2 features two dedicated instrument inputs codeveloped with the experts at Fender. These front-facing 1/4" jacks are engineered specifically to handle the impedance characteristics of electric guitar and bass pickups. You'll enjoy uncompromising tone with a tight, focused low end and articulate highs that let every note ring true. Whether recording searing leads or pounding rhythms, the Quantum HD 2 captures every nuance of your signature sound with stunning realism.

PreSonus Quantum HD2 In Studio

Cleaner Recording With Auto Gain

Dialing in the perfect gain staging for microphones and instruments is now easier than ever with the Quantum HD 2's Auto Gain function. With a simple press of a button, Auto Gain automatically sets optimal input levels for your connected sources. You'll spend less time fiddling with gain knobs and more time focused on nailing your best takes. Auto Gain delivers pro-quality gain settings right out of the gate, streamlining session setup for quicker recording. Another major plus is the 32-bit/192kHz converters that provide 124dB of dynamic range in your recording, so it’s almost impossible to cause clipping inside of your DAW. 

PreSonus Quantum HD2 Reamp Inputs

Re-Amp Outputs for Creative Tone Sculpting

The Quantum HD 2 gives you two re-amp outputs that open up a new world of tone-shaping possibilities. Simply route any recorded track from your DAW through these outputs and directly into a guitar or bass amp. You can then rerecord the amp's output with different mic placements, effects pedals and more. The re-amp workflow lets you experiment with fresh tones and production tricks long after the original performance was captured. It's an inspiring way to keep your creative juices flowing.

PreSonus Quantum HD2 With Studio One+ Software

Powerful Software for Creative Freedom

To fuel your creativity from day one, the Quantum HD 2 includes a one-year subscription to PreSonus' acclaimed Studio One+ recording software and its associated plug-ins, sound packs, tutorials, updates and a robust user community. This DAW provides unlimited track counts, advanced editing tools, third-party plug-in support, and a wealth of virtual instruments and loops. The Studio One+ Professional edition gives you all the production power you need to craft impressive recordings. A Universal Control app also lets you adjust settings and monitor levels remotely from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. 

With its cutting-edge MAX-HD preamps, high-performance converters and forward-thinking design, the PreSonus Quantum HD 2 audio interface empowers you to capture stunning recordings in your home or project studio. Its innovative feature set and premium audio quality make it an inspiring centerpiece for any serious musician's rig. Experience the Quantum HD 2 difference and elevate your creative process today.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • 20x24, 32-bit/192kHz USB-C audio interface
  • High-performance converters with 124 dB dynamic range let you hear and capture audio with stunning clarity and fidelity
  • Custom low-latency driver provides exceptionally low audio latencies when recording
  • Two all-new, next-generation PreSonus MAX-HD preamps provide transparency and accuracy across the frequency range with +75 dB of gain to maximize the performance for today’s most popular studio microphones for modern recording and broadcast
  • Discreet phantom power means consistent, full power for microphones that require it, so you’ll get the most from your high-performance studio microphones
  • Two Re-amp outputs let you send audio from your DAW to your favorite outboard gear and record it again, so you can experiment with different amps, pedals and mic placement to get the exact sound you want without cutting multiple takes
  • Control your Quantum HD 2 right from Studio One and our Universal Control app, in addition to hardware—so you can adjust preamp gain, toggle phantom power, adjust channel settings and more without looking away from your recording session
  • Perfect for dialing in optimal gain staging
  • A full-color, high-resolution screen lets you keep an eye on your input and output meters while an illuminated push encoder provides fast, intuitive control over channel and output settings
  • 16 channels of ADAT Optical input (up to 48kHz), plus stereo S/PDIF I/O make connecting your digital gear fast and easy
  • Two balanced 1/4" TRS main outputs plus two balanced 1/4" TRS line outputs and one high-power headphone output gives you flexible monitoring, while built-in speaker switching allows you to check your mix on multiple sets of studio monitors
  • DSP monitor mixer plus loopback audio make creating monitor and streaming mixes quick and easy

collapse expand iconWarranty

One year parts and labor warranty.

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