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Popular Vocal Sheet Music & Songbooks

Sheet music and songbooks are the cornerstones for any instrument's musical repertoire - including the voice. In fact, as a singer, you're faced with the unique challenge of matching lyrics to the melody, so you've got two things to read at the same time. No wonder the category of popular vocal sheet music and songbooks is such a big one, with hundreds of reference materials to choose from! Regardless of the sort of music you like to perform or how you like to perform it, you'll find some excellent books here to help you out. Every experience level is accounted for, so don't worry if you're a beginner: there are perfect songbooks here to get you started.

Some examples of good vocal sheet music for beginners would be the Hal Leonard 36 Solos for Young Singers Book/CD and the Hal Leonard 15 Easy Christmas Carol Arrangements for High Voice. And keeping with the holiday theme in a lower key, there's the G. Schirmer 12 Christmas Vocal Solos For Classical Singers Low Voice Book/CD. It's important to choose songbooks written to a key that's within your vocal range, and if there's a CD bundled in, that's just the icing on the cake: you'll be able to sing along to recorded performances to help make your progress even quicker.

It also stands to reason that you'll want to sing music you love, so check out all the different sources in this section. For example, some of the top sellers are in the Hal Leonard singer's Musical Theatre Anthalogy series, which has multiple titles for different voices and productions, some with included CDs. You could also choose by artist with options like the Hal Leonard Ella Fitzgerald Original Keys for Singers or the Hal Leonard Adele Pro Vocal Women's Edition Volume 56 Songbook/CD. There's rock, pop, jazz, Christian and more - so it's easy to find something that suits your personal tastes.

All in all, the specifics are up to you. No one can tell you what you should or shouldn't want to sing; it's the best we can do to offer up a broad enough selection for you to find whatever music you're passionate about. And with hundreds of products to choose from, this collection of popular vocal sheet music and songbooks aims to be just that. So don't wait to get started browsing - your next inspiration could be just a few clicks away.