The TAMA Club-JAM Flyer shell pack is a highly compact drum kit that delivers full, authentic drum sound. Guitar Center recommends this kit especially for players who gig in small venues, for city dwellers short on storage space, and for street buskers who need easy travel and set-up. Built to the same exacting standards as all TAMA drums, this kit features lightweight mersawa/poplar hybrid shells, natural wood hoops, sturdy TAMA hardware and a riser for the 14" kick drum. A vintage cymbal bracket on the bass drum lessens the footprint, eliminating the need for a ride cymbal stand. To make travel even easier, TAMA makes a fitted travel bag set (sold separately) with handles and shoulder straps. And for junior drummers who want to get started in style, the Club-JAM Flyer is also an elite option for a first drum kit.

TAMA Club-JAM Flyer 4-Piece Shell Pack Main Features

  • Compact drum shell pack with 14x10" kick, 8x6" tom, 10x9" floor tom and 10x5" snare
  • 6-ply, 7 mm mersawa/poplar shells are lightweight, warm and punchy
  • Hardware includes triple-flange hoops, tom mount, cymbal bracket and bass drum lifter
  • Candy Apple Mist wrap finish and natural wood bass drum hoops

The Perfect Solution for Drummers Short on Space

With more players living in city environments, space has become a luxury. The TAMA Club-Jam Flyer meets that challenge with a full 4-piece drum shell pack in extremely compact sizes. Thanks to the 14" kick, 8" tom, 10" floor tom and 10" snare drum, this kit fits into even the most cramped city apartment or car trunk. And when it's time to set up, the kit maintains a minimal footprint. That makes it a perfect solution for all kinds of gigs. Jazz players can set up with a trio in the corner for intimate café gigs. Street performers can have a full kit without taking up the whole sidewalk. And when it's time to pack up, the kit fits perfectly into TAMA's DSS44LJ fitted bag set (sold separately).

Lightweight Shells With Authentic Drum Sound

Of course, saving space is no excuse to ignore the sound. TAMA built the Club-JAM Flyer with a special mersawa/poplar wood blend, designed to minimize weight while creating a full, natural drum response. Mersawa is an uncommon drum wood that is very lightweight, while poplar is already well-known as a source of warm, punchy tone. TAMA combined these woods into 6-ply, 7 mm shells. This thickness is comparable to TAMA's full-size kits, meaning that these small drums resonate with full wood tone.

Sturdy, Space-Saving Hardware

TAMA fitted these shells with the usual hardware essentials, including chrome floor tom legs, triple-flange hoops and lugs. But in keeping with the Club-JAM Flyer's mission, they also included hardware tweaks to save even more space. The kick drum has a bracket to hold a cymbal boom arm (sold separately), letting the player mount a ride cymbal without adding to the footprint. It also includes a single tom holder, built with the same sturdiness that makes TAMA one of the most respected names in drum hardware. And this 4-piece shell pack comes with a bass drum lifter, which ensures the 14" kick stays in place and fits any standard kick pedal.

Bright Looks With Vintage Flair

In keeping with the vintage ride cymbal mount and lifter, the Club-JAM Flyer features a Candy Apple Mist wrap finish that calls to mind old-school sparkle kits. The wrap contrasts beautifully with natural wood hoops on the bass drum, which show off that this kit is no toy—it's a multi-ply drum kit made with premium materials.

Includes shells and bass drum riser. Cymbals and other hardware sold separately.