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Designed with the bass guitarist in mind, the WAV4c Omni Bass is the perfect choice for the player looking for a crossover instrument to the upright electric bass world. Built with the familiar 34-inch bass guitar scale, this instrument allows the feel of a regular bass guitar with the unique character and expressiveness of the upright bass.

Equipped with the Polar Bridge Pickup System, this pickup allows for dual-mode operation with directional sensitivity, allows for a rich and expressive response to Arco (lateral) and Pizzicato (vertical) technique. The strings are easily driven, making it possible for the player with little bowing experience to add a new dimension to their music. The WAV4c Omni can be played using any amplifier with a high impedance input, or with any other gear using a direct box. The pickup design of the WAV4c Omni eliminates the hassle and cost of using batteries.

The asymmetrical fingerboard has a TransRadius profile design that allows for a left-hand feel which is familiar to the experienced bass guitarist. The radius at the nut is 9-1/4 inches, while radius of the fingerboard near the bridge is just 2 inches, which is large enough to maintain good string-to-string articulation with the bow or comfortable pizzicato (plucked/picked) playing. The fingerboard also features Coform technology, which utilizes the engineered pairing of maple and high-tech acrylic to produce an ebony-like appearance with outstanding feel and performance, while helping to sustain traditionally used hardwoods.

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