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Mojotone has perfectly cloned the original 1959 Strat pickups to recreate the unmistakable 1959 Strat tone. These pickups are an important part of the evolution of guitar electronics and many attempts have been made to imitate that original sound. Mojotone took it much further than just imitating the '50s tone and actually reverse engineered a specific set of original vintage 1959 Strat pickups that really stood out as something very special.

Each pickup is painstakingly handwound to the exact same specifications, materials, and manufacturing methods as the originals. Sand cast Alnico 5 beveled magnets, vintage-spec heavy Formvar coil wire, nitrocellulose lacquered bobbins, and lightly wax potted just like the originals. 

These have amazing warmth and clarity that absolutely nail that 1959 Strat sound.

Product details
(Set of 3) ‘59 Clone Clone Strat Pickups neck, middle, and bridge.
Aged white covers
Vintage cloth covered leads
Vintage magnet stagger
RWRP middle pickup
Handmade in the USA

Neck: 5.78k
Middle: 6.12k
Bridge: 5.94k

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