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The Martin Headstock Tie Guitar Strap Button provides acoustic guitarists a reliable way to attach a strap to their instrument's headstock. The Martin Headstock Tie is a natural choice for Martin guitar owners but works well with any acoustic guitar. For gigging musicians, an inferior strap tie can lead to frustration on stage. The Martin Headstock Tie gives players peace of mind so they can focus on their performance.

Durable Leather Lasts

Constructed from durable 100% leather, the Martin Headstock Tie withstands the rigors of frequent use and adjustment. Its sturdy design avoids the wear marks and damage that can occur with lower quality alternatives. The Martin Headstock Tie's leather collar fits snugly but comfortably around the lower headstock, keeping your strap securely in place during an energetic set.

Avoids Permanent Modification

For those who want to maintain their acoustic guitar's traditional esthetics, the Martin Headstock Tie provides an ideal solution. It attaches a strap without requiring permanent changes like drilling a strap button into the heel. The Martin Headstock Tie's clever, low-profile design allows easy strap attachment and removal while preserving your guitar's original appointments.

Martin Headstock Tie Guitar Strap Button Black

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