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Each endorsees chose a Marcinkiewicz Designer/Signature Mouthpiece because of their belief in the product. Each of these mouthpieces were designed for a specific player at a specific point in time. Many play Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces exclusively.

Marcinkeiwicz Mouthpieces
The Philosophy
Our goal is to offer players the best quality mouthpiece at each and every stage of their growth: first as a student and throughout their career as a professional musician.For Students
Because the facial structure of young students change as they mature, our line of mouthpieces is carefully graduated, allowing students to progress more quickly (and enthusiastically!) as they find the correct "fit" for their changing anatomy. Now players have the means to progress in logical, gradual increments to find the correct mouthpiece for their unique needs.
Marcinkiewicz Signature Series Trombone Mouthpieces 107 (Contra Bass Trombone)

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  • Byron Peebles ET 1: OD; 1.494"; ID; 1.029"; Depth; 1.156"; Throat; 0.266"; Length; 3.170"; Comparison; Bach 5G bass shank
  • Charlie Loper ET3: OD; 1.514"; ID; 0.988"; Depth; 0.856"; Throat; 0.234"; Length; 3.140"; Comparison; Mt. Vernon Bach 11C
  • David Steinmeyer ET7: OD; 1.561"; ID; 0.981"; Depth; 0.761"; Throat; 0.228"; Length; 3.140"; Comparison; Bach 18
  • Ernie Tack EBT13: OD; 1.540"; ID; 1.116"; Depth; 1.178"; Throat; 0.281"; Length; 3.170"; Comparison; Bach 1 1/2 G
  • Ian McDougall ET2: OD; 1.520"; ID; 0.999"; Depth; 0.868"; Throat; 0.228"; Length; 3.140"; Comparison; N.Y. Bach 11C
  • Jiggs Whigham ET 1.7: OD; 1.495"; ID; 0.988"; Depth; 0.895"; Throat; 0.234"; Length; 3.250";
  • Phil Teele EBT12: OD; 1.540"; ID; 1.125"; Depth; 1.220"; Throat; 0.281"; Length; 3.200"; Comparison; Bach 1 1/2 G

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