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The LR Baggs HiFi Duet pickup and microphone mixing system provides serious musicians a high-fidelity solution for amplifying your acoustic guitar. Combining the company's acclaimed HiFi bridge plate pickups with the revolutionary Silo microphone, the HiFi Duet opens up a new world of sonic possibilities.

HiFi Pickups Capture Your Guitar's True Tone

The HiFi Duet system starts with a pair of lightweight HiFi pickups that attach directly to your guitar's bridge plate. These non-intrusive pickups accurately convey the natural tone and dynamics of your acoustic guitar without altering the sound or feel. The pickups' peel-and-stick installation is simple yet preserves the integrity of your guitar. When playing through the HiFi Duet, you'll hear your guitar's inherent warmth, balance and resonance brought to life.

The Silo Microphone Delivers Studio-Quality Sound

The Silo microphone included with the HiFi Duet was crafted using precision machining and tuning to provide an uncolored studio sound. Leveraging LR Baggs' TRU•MIC technology, the Silo mic employs a specialized capsule and suspension system for enhanced ambiance and feedback resistance. The Silo mic invites comparison to high-end studio condenser mics, giving you professional-level sonics in a plug-and-play package. Its exceptional sound quality means you can capture the nuances of your playing in any environment.

Multi-Pole Crossover For Flexible Tone Shaping

At the heart of the HiFi Duet system is an all-discrete studio-grade preamp with a multi-pole crossover. This versatile preamp lets you blend the HiFi pickups and Silo mic to create any tone from punchy and direct to open and airy. You have total control over the mix of your pickup and microphone sound. The HiFi Duet provides the same renowned warmth, clarity and low noise that LR Baggs is known for, with long battery life for reliability on stage or in the studio.

Unparalleled Performance For Serious Musicians

For serious acoustic musicians looking to amplify their guitar with exceptional fidelity and tone-shaping possibilities, the LR Baggs HiFi Duet pickup and microphone mixing system is in a class by itself. Combining high-definition HiFi pickups and a studio-ready Silo mic with a flexible preamp, the HiFi Duet gives you an inspiring palette of sounds for any musical situation. Experience your acoustic guitar tone as you've never heard it before with the HiFi Duet.

LR Baggs HiFi Duet Pickup and Microphone Mixing System

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  • High-fidelity pickup and microphone mixing system with multi-pole crossover
  • Non-intrusive HiFi bridge plate pickups provide exceptional tone and dynamics
  • Revolutionary Silo microphone for pure, unaltered sound with enhanced ambience
  • All-discrete studio grade preamp ranges from punchy to open, airy mic'd sound

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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