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The Kemper Profiler PowerHead is a revolutionary guitar amplifier that puts an endless array of tones right at your fingertips. Its advanced profiling technology analyzes the sonic characteristics of any tube amplifier and recreates them with stunning realism inside this compact, 600W amplifier head. Whether you're looking to capture the tone of a vintage boutique amp or a modern high-gain beast, the Profiler can profile it and place it at your command.

Revolutionary Profiling Technology

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier doesn't just simulate generic amp models—it can capture the tone of your specific tube amps and place them inside this powerful amplifier head. All you need is a microphone and cable to profile your favorite combo or stack and the Profiler will analyze its tone and dynamics to recreate it with jaw-dropping accuracy. With space for 1,000 profiles, you'll never run out of options.

Packed With Premium Tones

Even without profiling your own amps, the Profiler PowerHead comes loaded with hundreds of factory presets spanning a wide range of musical styles. It also provides access to the Rig Exchange, where you can download thousands of profiles from professional guitarists and recording artists. From vintage Fender combos to modern Mesa/Boogie firebreathers and everything in between, you'll find an endless supply of professionally crafted tones.

Unparalleled Control

The Profiler PowerHead puts you in complete control of your tone. Adjust gain, EQ and effects to craft your perfect sound and the Profiler will respond just like the actual amp. Its built-in power amp can drive any speaker cabinet for stage or studio use, recreating your profiles and presets with stunning accuracy. With its lightweight design and grab-and-go convenience, inspiration can strike anywhere.

A Creative Powerhouse

Whether you are performing live, recording in the studio or just practicing at home, the Kemper Profiler PowerHead is a creative powerhouse. Its integrated effects engine provides everything from vintage stompboxes to studio-quality reverbs and delays, allowing you to build complex signal chains with ease. A convenient front-panel display gives you quick access to profiles, presets and parameters so you can tweak tones on the fly.

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  • Built-in power amp
  • Drive any speaker system you like straight out of the back
  • Store 1000 amp profiles
  • 30 stompbox effects
  • Master delay and reverb

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