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Solid State Guitar Amplifier Heads

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In the world of amps heads, there is a clear divide between those that prefer warmth and character of tube-driven models and those that love what solid state has to offer in terms of tonal consistency and reliability. Neither choice is wrong, both just have very distinct and different benefits to offer... it completely comes down to personal preference. But if you're someone who travels from show to show, and you're looking for something rugged to take on the road with you, there's no comparison, solid state guitar amp heads are definitely the way to go.

Designed with internal transistors that are generally smaller and stronger than their tube equivalent, solid state amps also have a much longer life span, ensuring you're pretty much always ready to play with no extra parts needed. And with a tone that still rivals that of a tube amp in terms of quality, solid state have always been a popular choice among all types of musicians.

With such a massive section of solid state guitar amp heads to choose from though, how do you make a decision? Again, this is no incorrect call, just what works best for you. If you're here for a recommendation, start with all the best-sellers or top rated items. That will give you a feel for what the community likes best. Take the Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR120H 120W Guitar Amp Head, for example. An extremely high-powered two-channel analog amp head, the CR120H is one of Orange's flagship products, with their team spending years fine-tuning it before releasing it to the public. With a clean tone, a variety of effects and 120-watts of pure power, this amp head is comfortable in any setting.

From Marshall and Fender to Peavey, Kustom, Yamaha, Orange Amplifiers, Crate and so many other top brands, no matter what you're looking for in a solid state guitar amp head you'll be able to find it here. All you need to do is pair it with your cabinet of choice and you'll be playing like never before.