The Q547 Q Standard 7-string from Ibanez is part of the Quest Series, where the quest was to adapt an existing instrument into a headless design and create something entirely original. The Q547 is built with a nyatoh body for a rich mid-low end and paired with a Wizard C roasted maple/bubinga neck topped with a roasted Birdseye maple fingerboard for balanced attack and sustain. An R1/Q58 pickup combo, designed specifically for use in headless guitars, provide a clearly defined sound and facilitate excellent tonal balance through all frequencies. The lows are powerful without being muddy, and the highs are bright and clear, but never harsh. As a result, every single note within the chord structure is well defined and clearly audible. These pickups, with their tonal balance, and extremely low noise performance, work extremely well with both digital and analog effects. The Mono-Tune bridge offers a wide intonation range so that you can easily set the instrument up for tuning down a whole step or even further. The string height is also easily adjustable, and each saddle generally has less material, which leads to more natural and organic tone. The Q547 Q Standard also features the dyna-MIX9 switching system with an alter switch. The dyna-MIX 9 offers nine sound variations and can switch between humbucker and single-coil modes with just a flick of the switch. An Ibanez gig bag is also included.

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