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Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Bass Nickel Wound

Ernie Ball

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For over 50 years, Ernie Ball has crafted bass strings for the most iconic players and sounds in rock music. Slinky 5-String Regular Slinky Bass Strings continue this legacy of tone and innovation. Made in the USA with Ernie Ball's specially formulated nickel-plated steel, these roundwound strings provide a punchy, clear tone that cuts through the mix. The list of players who choose Ernie Ball strings reads like a who's who of rock bass, from Flea to Geddy Lee.

Bright, Articulate Tone for Modern Bass

The Regular Slinky set is built to handle the demands of contemporary rock and pop bass playing. Their nickel-plated steel wrap wire produces a crisp top end and focused midrange, perfect for complex bass parts. The steel core adds warmth and fullness, creating an balanced tone that works for fingerstyle or pick playing. With a .45 to .130 gauge range, this versatile set suits any playing style.

String Innovation from the Original

As the pioneer of rock guitar strings, Ernie Ball knows a thing or two about tone. They developed the first nickel-plated bass strings in the 1960s and have been innovating ever since. The Regular Slinkys are the result of over 50 years of string craftsmanship and a dedication to the needs of professional musicians. These strings are built to last through long gigs and studio sessions while retaining their tone and feel.

The Choice of Legends

From Flea to John Paul Jones, Ernie Ball strings have been the choice of iconic rock bassists since the 1960s. Their unmatched tone and performance is why so many top players rely on Ernie Ball. With a set of Regular Slinky bass strings, you'll be ready to achieve the punchy, articulate tone that has defined generations of rock music.

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