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Ernie Ball: String Alloys - Bass Nickel Wound

Ernie Ball

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The Ernie Ball 2824 Super Slinky 5-String Bass Strings provide superior tone and performance for bassists of all styles. For over 50 years, Ernie Ball strings have been the choice of legends like Flea, Geddy Lee and Mark Hoppus—and now they can be your secret weapon. The nickel-plated steel roundwound strings in gauges 40-60-75-95-125 are optimized for slap, pop and rock styles. Their ultraflexible and responsive feel allows intricate techniques to shine through. The Super Slinky bass strings are also perfectly balanced, with the tight and punchy low B string complemented by the singable E string. Plug in, tune up and experience the iconic Ernie Ball tone and playability.

Flexible and Responsive for Intricate Playing

The Super Slinky bass strings are designed for fast, articulate playing. Their ultraflexible core and nickel-plated steel wrap provide a slippery and responsive feel that allows complex techniques like slapping, popping and tapping to shine through. Rapid slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs are effortless. Whether you prefer fingerstyle funk or hard rock, the Super Slinky strings keep up with your most dexterous riffs.

Balanced Tone from Low B to High E

From the tight and punchy low B string to the singable high E string, the Super Slinky bass set is perfectly balanced. The gauges are optimized for standard 5-string basses to produce a huge range of tones with clarity and definition. The low B string has enough tension for a clear and focused fundamental, while the lighter E string sings without sounding thin. Overall, the Super Slinky strings yield a blend of warmth, brightness and midrange that complements any genre.

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