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It takes a lot to be worthy of the Music Man name. Tons of power, durable construction, eye-catching design and a healthy dose of innovation are only some of the traits that set Music Man guitars apart. Ever since they exploded onto the scene in 1974, Music Man has been dedicated to raising the bar on electric guitar design with instruments that look, feel and sound a cut above the rest. They're also super playable, so even as a first axe, something from this section would be a great choice. If you've been searching for a guitar that really fires on all cylinders, it's safe to say that your search is over: you're looking at a line of electric guitars that's nothing short of exemplary. In fact, for a quick first impression of Music Man guitars, you don't need to look any further than the list of artists who rock them onstage. There's John Petrucci, for instance, who actually has more than one signature model from Music Man. And he's just a single name on a roster that also includes the likes of Steve Morse, Joe Perry, Keith Richards, Nigel Tufnel and Steve Lukather. Now, there's a list that no one could blame you for wanting to join! Fortunately, all it takes to enter the ranks is to get your hands on your own Music Man axe. The first step to owning a Music Man guitar is deciding which one you want. With all their amazing options, that can be tough... but here are a few suggestions to get you started. Check out the Ball Family Reserve John Petrucci 6 Electric Guitar for a shining example of a signature model, or the Axis Super Sport HH Hollowbody Electric Guitar if you're looking for the ultimate in versatility. Interested in something even more unique? How about the Armada HH Quilt Top or the Music Man Albert Lee Guitar? These instruments sound every bit as impressive as they look. No matter where in the lineup you check, Music Man guitars always have the right stuff. Choosing the best fit for you is a simple matter of deciding how you like your "right stuff" packaged. But the best part of any Music Man guitar is that there are no compromises - they've all got tons of style, backed up by world-class performance. Want a guitar that will put a big grin on your face whenever you play it? That's exactly what you'll get with Music Man.