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The Pivot Capo from Dunlop is a breakthrough for guitarists seeking the ultimate capo as it provides unparalleled performance for all styles. Its patented self-centering neck pivot automatically adjusts to a variety of neck shapes for optimal tuning stability and precise pressure, allowing notes to ring out with clarity and sustain.

Patented Pivot Design Adapts to Any Neck

The Pivot Capo's patented pivot design is a revolution in capo technology. It automatically adjusts to different neck shapes for the perfect fit, providing even tension and intonation up and down the neck. Quick, easy adjustments allow for precise pressure to match your playing style. Whether you prefer a light touch or firmer grip, the Pivot Capo delivers optimal tuning stability for the best tone from your instrument.

Dense Rubber and Optimized Fret Pad Reduce Buzzing

The Pivot Capo features dense rubber padding and an optimized fret pad designed to minimize string buzzing. Notes ring out with a clarity and sustain unachievable with other capos. The fret pad's streamlined design reduces excess material for the perfect balance of support and minimal damping.

Unmatched Versatility and Performance

Whether you play acoustic, electric or bass guitar, the Pivot Capo delivers unmatched versatility and performance. Its innovative design provides the ideal solution for guitarists seeking the best possible tone and tuning stability from their instrument.

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  • Precise intonation
  • Easy adjustment
  • Clarity and sustain
  • Optimized fret pad
  • Engineered for your enjoyment